How to get the best out of escorts

Using escort services can be quite an expensive experience. For you to feel the value for your buck, it is necessary that the experience be rewarding as well. Who wants to pay for such a service then wish for a refund after a bad time? We hope to share some information that will help you to get not only a service, but also a great experience from using escort services.

Remember it’s a service profession

The stigma attached to escort services results in many persons looking down on escorts. It would be good for you to remember that escorts provide a service just like a waitress, a doctor, a bus driver or a masseuse. If you have used any of these services (or any service at all) you will know that being courteous to the service professional generally allows for a faster and a smoother experience. Imagine going to the doctor’s office and speaking rudely to the nurse and the doctor for no reason. How do you think they would feel? How do you think that situation differs from one in which you speak to them respectfully? It would be good for you to show respect and courtesy to escorts, so they will feel invested in providing you with a quality service.

Communicate effectively

Your experience with an escort can be heavily influenced by the way you communicate. Remember that communication is non-verbal as much as it is verbal. First, it is advisable to speak well and clearly as escorts tend to communicate best with those who don’t make it a chore. Maintain eye contact so your escort feels as if he/she is speaking to an actual person that is engaged and engaging in conversation. Smile and show your sense of humor (assuming you have one) so the conversation can flow in a relaxed and casual manner as opposed to feeling dead and forced.

Be Considerate

We understand that you are paying money for your time with the escort. We also understand that you have needs that need to be catered to and that you expect to be satisfied by the transaction’s end. While this is all true, you need to remember that your escort is a person first, and an escort after. There are several ways you can show consideration which can result in a better experience for the both of you. First, don’t cast your judgement on the escort. You may feel like the person is “dirty” because of his/her profession or you may even think that the person is too attractive to be doing this kind of work; however, that decision is not yours to make, nor is it your place to be giving a lecture or to be putting the escort down. Escorts are usually clear on what they will agree to and it is important that you respect that. There are many escorts available that will do the things you desire so do not be selfish by choosing an escort that will not, then trying to coerce him/her to “step out of the comfort zone”.

All these ideas come together to form part of what can be described as escort etiquette. Once you practice it, you should have no regrets.

What is an Escort?

The word “escort” in the context of employment has many different meanings which are all dependent on interpretation. In this piece, we hope to clear up exactly what makes a person an escort, the services that escorts provide and we hope to contrast escort work to prostitution.

Based on offerings, we can establish that an escort is a worker that sells time to client. During the agreed period, the escort is expected to provide company to the client engaging in agreed activities. These activities may include one or more things such as dating, gaming, attending events, conversation or sexual intercourse. Please note that the examples given are not exhaustive. Since time is sold, billing is usually time based as opposed to activity based. In most cases escorts have hourly rates with discounts being applied for large amounts of hours. The services and associated rates also tend to have two categories which are referred to as incall and outcall. Incall rates, which are generally cheaper, are those which apply to services provided when the customer travels to the location of the escort. Outcall rates, which are higher, are the rates applied for services provided that require the escort to travel to the client.

Escorts do not typically work in brothels or from the street, however, some escorts work via escort agencies (in this case the agencies handle advertisement). On the topic of advertisement, escorts tend to advertise in magazines, on the internet and via agencies as we mentioned before. These advertisements usually give a brief introduction, services provided within the cost, services provided at an additional cost, and contact details. Appointment systems are usually used in escort work and the process begins with discovery. A prospective client will be made aware of an escort via an issued advertisement (or word of mouth). The client will then contact the escort and will attempt to come to an agreement on what is desired. Once an agreement is reached by both parties, arrangements will be made for the location and time. The escort will provide the required service and will then be compensated by the client (and possibly tipped).

Based on what has been explained, parallels can be drawn to the practice of prostitution. So, we will do our best to contrast the two professions by listing some notable differences between them:

  • Sex vs time – Prostitutes sell sex and escorts sell time. Therefore, escorts tend to bill by hour and prostitutes tend to charge based on what sexual favors are required. Escorts can be compensated and no sex has taken place simply because clients do not require it.
  • Advertisement – Prostitutes tend to work in brothels or on the streets where they can approach potential clients and communicate their desire to provide sexual services. Escorts use less direct methods such as the internet and clients respond to the advertisements by calling/e-mailing/messaging the escort.
  • Independence – Escorts tend to work for themselves in most cases and retain all their profits as opposed to prostitutes which often have a pimp that retains a large share of profits
  • Cost – Escort services are usually quite expensive when compared to the sexual services of prostitutes.

Hopefully, this brief piece has shed some light onto what makes a person an escort and why it is a separate profession from prostitution.

Why is Escorting Legal

Escort work walks a grey area where being legal is concerned. The blur in the lines of escorting is akin to the blur in the lines of escort services versus prostitution. This means that any possibly applicable laws and sanctions would be those related to prostitution.

It is important to establish that the sentiments expressed here are not absolute. This is simply because the laws surrounding the sexual services for hire vary from country to country. For example, in countries such as Germany and Latvia, prostitution is not only legal, but it is also a regulated industry (with standards, taxes, etc.). Standing at a weird middle ground is a country such as Japan, where all forms of sex for hire a legal except vaginal sex. On the zero-tolerance end of the spectrum, exists countries such as Jamaica and Thailand, where the practice is illegal.

As stated before, the real concern is the sex for hire concept which is what can be deemed as illegal. This is where escort services can be deemed as legal in even countries where prostitution is illegal because of the nature of their profession. The truth is it all comes down to the intention and what is being communicated. Consider a woman walking the streets as you drive up to a red light. As you stop, she knocks on your window. You roll the window down and she offers to sleep with you for a price – even letting you know the deal of the night. This is illegal as it communicates a desire to perform a sexual favor in exchange for monetary compensation. Now consider a woman who advertises companionship in exchange for money. When you contact her, the heart of her offering is spending time with you. In taking up such an offer, it is quite likely that you may have sex with her. However, in contrast to the prior example, this is not what was being offered as the core of the service.

Of all the reasons escort services are used, none carry any lawful implications except sexual intercourse. It may be viewed as a loophole, but once escorts steer clear of requesting that clients come have sex with them for cash, then in general, prostitution laws are a non-factor to their craft. This comes down to the phrasing of the laws in many cases. If we were to summarize the prostitution laws in most US states, they would tell us that having sex and being paid is not illegal. However, seeking random persons and asking if they would like to have sex for a fee is illegal. Based on what we know of escorts, they pretty much never engage in that kind of behavior and so they manage to stay on the right side of the law.

To tie this all together, escort services are usually legal simply because they are marketed as advertisements for paid companionship to which potential clients respond. What would be illegal is seeking out customers by offering sexual services in exchange for money.