How to get the best out of escorts

Using escort services can be quite an expensive experience. For you to feel the value for your buck, it is necessary that the experience be rewarding as well. Who wants to pay for such a service then wish for a refund after a bad time? We hope to share some information that will help you to get not only a service, but also a great experience from using escort services.

Remember it’s a service profession

The stigma attached to escort services results in many persons looking down on escorts. It would be good for you to remember that escorts provide a service just like a waitress, a doctor, a bus driver or a masseuse. If you have used any of these services (or any service at all) you will know that being courteous to the service professional generally allows for a faster and a smoother experience. Imagine going to the doctor’s office and speaking rudely to the nurse and the doctor for no reason. How do you think they would feel? How do you think that situation differs from one in which you speak to them respectfully? It would be good for you to show respect and courtesy to escorts, so they will feel invested in providing you with a quality service.

Communicate effectively

Your experience with an escort can be heavily influenced by the way you communicate. Remember that communication is non-verbal as much as it is verbal. First, it is advisable to speak well and clearly as escorts tend to communicate best with those who don’t make it a chore. Maintain eye contact so your escort feels as if he/she is speaking to an actual person that is engaged and engaging in conversation. Smile and show your sense of humor (assuming you have one) so the conversation can flow in a relaxed and casual manner as opposed to feeling dead and forced.

Be Considerate

We understand that you are paying money for your time with the escort. We also understand that you have needs that need to be catered to and that you expect to be satisfied by the transaction’s end. While this is all true, you need to remember that your escort is a person first, and an escort after. There are several ways you can show consideration which can result in a better experience for the both of you. First, don’t cast your judgement on the escort. You may feel like the person is “dirty” because of his/her profession or you may even think that the person is too attractive to be doing this kind of work; however, that decision is not yours to make, nor is it your place to be giving a lecture or to be putting the escort down. Escorts are usually clear on what they will agree to and it is important that you respect that. There are many escorts available that will do the things you desire so do not be selfish by choosing an escort that will not, then trying to coerce him/her to “step out of the comfort zone”.

All these ideas come together to form part of what can be described as escort etiquette. Once you practice it, you should have no regrets.

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